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Are you creative or artistic and would like to receive an objective assessment of your work. Perhaps your work is missing something that you can’t identify, and you don’t know how to put this right. You would like to do something else, perhaps a different method, use other materials or an unusual combination of these.

If this sounds familiar to you I am able to offer you one to one tutoring. You can bring examples of your work that we can discuss and comment on. It is also possible to work on your own in the studio, in the spacious garden or in the grounds of the house. This can take place with or without the need for a preliminary discussion.

If you would like to work continuously for a number of days in this unique environment then it is possible to rent accommodation on site where you can stay and work. Only the actual tutoring time is charged on an hourly basis.

Beautiful location

Beautiful location

painting inspired by music of Olivier Messiean

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