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Marth J. Tobi

Artist Marth.J.Tobi was born in 1945 in Norg in the north of the Netherlands. It was not until she was 30 years old that she realised her childhood ambition of going to art college. She graduated in drawing, painting and spatial art. Subsequently she studied graphics, photography and ceramics. In her methodology she tries to generate spontaneous emotions. Marth has a very personal way of using colour and lines.

Nature and the countryside are frequently her source of inspiration, but these are illustrated abstractly. She starts her work by making many studies, after which she omits any unnecessary detail. Sometimes only a few lines or colour remain. This muted work is striking in its simplicity.

Marth works with various techniques such as gouache, aquarelle, photography, collages, mixed techniques and three-dimensional work. Her three-dimensional work is very broad ranging from small bronze statues, a chair, to painted “boxes” suspended in space.

Marth rarely gives titles to her work, in order not to limit the viewer’s own interpretation.

Own work

Own work

painting inspired by music of Olivier Messiean

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